Community Land Assets – May 2016

Community Land Assets, releasing potential and strengthening communities - May 24th 2016

Community Land

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Supporting Partners RTPI, PAS, Big Lottery Fund, Scottish Land and Estates, SURF, Architecture and Design Scotland


Community Land sponsors, The Land Trust, VG Energy

The use of a nation’s land assets and the impact that this has on the health, prosperity, wellbeing, sustainability and living environment of that nation’s communities must be a key focus for any government as it is a key factor in any thriving nation. With this in mind it is widely recognised that Scotland is a land rich in resources with the potential for a diverse range of thriving communities in both rural and urban settings and there are a growing number and variety of organisations working in this field, looking at a variety of issues and providing a variety of innovations to resolve issues and potential issues for the betterment of Scotland’s communities. These include Scottish Government agencies, NDGBs, local government, private companies, land owners, researchers, activists, local businesses and charities. These issues include the access to green spaces, community empowerment and self-determination, sustainable local economies, employability, access to local energy, funding, planning, asset transfers, land management and stakeholder engagement among others.

This conference will examine the issues outlined above such as ongoing communication between stakeholders, engagement with the planning process and access to funding. In addition, it will summarise the relationship between land use and the impact that this has on communities and the potential impact of any new Government policy, through expert analysis and evidence based case studies.

This event represents an ideal opportunity for a variety of organisations involved in this sector to engage with their peers, policy makers, land managers and other key stakeholders.

A copy of the agenda for the event follows below and will be updated regularly, click on the session headings for more information. If you have any queries, please contact us via

The potential of our land resources – Prof. David Miller, The James Hutton Institute

Communities at the centre – Linda Gillespie, DTA Scotland

Community Right to Buy, measuring the Impact – Ciaran Mulholland, Ipsos MORI Scotland

Creating benefit for the public estate


The importance of participation – Petra Biberbach, PAS

Sustainable Infrastructure and place making

Community benefit through sustainably managed green open space – Euan Hall, The Land Trust

Energy for communities – Dave Anderson, VG Energy


Funding for community land – Eric Samuel, The Big Lottery

Funding for energy projects – Chris Morris, Local Energy Scotland

Working together to deliver resilient communities – Sarah-Jane Laing, Scottish Land and Estates

Communities and public sector – Shonah Urqhart, Scottish Futures Trust


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