Places and Spaces for Health and Wellbeing – 25th April 2017, Glasgow

Places and Spaces for Health and Wellbeing - April 25th 2017, Saracen House, Glasgow

Places and Spaces

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Supporting Partners, RTPI Scotland, PAS, NHS Health Scotland, Architecture & Design Scotland, REHIS



The health and wellbeing of a population is a key focus in any thriving nation. With this in mind, it is widely recognised that many of the underlying determinants of inequalities in health and well-being are environmental, including for example, our built environment, our communities as well as access to green space. The Scottish Government recognises that this has a significant impact on the health of Scotland’s people, and that action is required to create healthy environments which are safe, calming and nurturing for all age groups.

There are a growing number and variety of organisations, including the Scottish Government agencies, NDGBs, private companies and charities, working in this field and looking at a variety of issues. These issues include the association between health and access to green spaces and recreation, the benefits of play and the importance of active travel. However, the relationships between quality and extent of green space, proximity to and use of such areas, and health outcomes, have yet to be quantified appropriately and the underlying mechanisms remain poorly understood.

This conference will examine the issues outlined above such as the connections between health and wellbeing, place making and use of urban built landscape and open spaces. In addition, it will summarise the relationship between open space in relation to physical and mental health, and environmental, economic, social and cultural wellbeing, through expert analysis and evidence based case studies.

Event Agenda

9:20 Introduction from the Chair

9:30 Session 1 – Sustainable Places for Future Health

  • Scotland’s Place Standard – Sandy robinson, Principle Architect, Scottish Government
  • Understanding the role of the built environment and its effect on human health and wellbeing – Prof Catharine Ward-Thompson, Director of Openspace, Professor of Landscape Architecture, The University of Edinburgh
  • Public health within the planning process; spatial planning  – Craig MacLaren, Scotland Director, RTPI
  • Investing in our future, addressing the needs of Scotland’s Children in the built environment – Marguerite Hunter-Blair, Play Scotland
  • Q&A

11:00 Break

11:20 Session 2 – Environmental Health Effects

  • Activating spaces
  • Public health research in the built environment – Fintan Hurley, IOM
  • Future proofing for health in the built environment –  Daisy Narayanan, Sustrans
  • Q&A

13:00 Lunch and Networking

13:50 Session 3 – Social and Economic Impacts

  • Addressing Scotland’s postcode health inequalities – Matt Lowther, NHS Health Scotland
  • Regeneration of place for social health equality – Euan hall, The Land Trust
  • Housing and community regeneration case study
  • Q&A

15:30 Closing remarks from the chair

15:40 Close