Workplace Wellbeing, Shaping the Future of the Workplace Landscape – September 2016

Workplace Wellbeing:

Shaping the Future of the Workplace Landscape - September 27th 2016

Workplace Wellbeing

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Building design, office design and layout and place making impact on the health, wellbeing and productivity of office occupants, and can have noticeable financial impacts for employers and businesses. It has long been considered that if the human benefits could be reliably quantified this would prove beyond all doubt the ROI for investing in building green and taking these factors into account when developing workplaces.

Sustainability and design professionals have a key role to play in helping Facilities Managers, HR departments and finance directors to start working together to create a business strategy that maximises the value of the workplace for employee health and boosts organisational performance whilst minimising impact on the planet. If a building is zero carbon and zero waste but isn’t beneficial for the people working in it, is it really a green building?

It is imperative for the physical as well as the mental health and wellbeing of Scotland’s workforce that all options are explored to improve working environments and this conference will explore technologies, the adaptation of existing buildings where small changes can have a big impact, design of new office spaces as well as the work journey all leading to the improvement of health and wellbeing for the office based working population in Scotland.

Some of the key issues covered in this event will be:

  • Measuring impact
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee wellness and productivity
  • Green offices and key areas for a healthy working environment
  • New technologies and strategies
  • Sensitive retrofitting
  • New office design
  • Active travel and the work journey
  • Access to open outdoor space
  • Change Management
  • The economic benefits of a healthier, happier workforce

This event will be of particular relevance to:

  • HR professionals
  • Health professionals
  • Facilities managers
  • Commercial property managers
  • Environmental professionals
  • Architects
  • Planners
  • SMEs
  • Commercial agents
  • Construction professionals
  • Suppliers to the sector

A copy of the agenda for the event follows below and will be updated regularly, click on the session headings for more information. If you have any queries, please contact us via

Opening address

Examining current trends – Diarmaid Lawlor, Head of Urbanism, Architecture and Design Scotland

A healthy work environment; improving staff health, improving profits – Robert Atkinson, Development Manager, Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives

Co-working, community and Wellbeing – Claire Carpenter, Managing director, The Melting Pot

Employee Engagement – John McGurk, Scotland Director, CIPD


Key areas for a Healthy working environment: Lighting, Clean Air, Auditory, Ergonomics – Leanne McMillan, Director of Sustainability and Accreditation, BRE Scotland

Energy Efficiency and Adaptability in existing buildings – Barbara Cummins, Director of Heritage Management, Historic Environment Scotland

Space design ergonomics – Gillian Stewart, Director, Michael Laird Architects

Corporate case study; Breaking Down the Barriers – Hugh Rutherford, Partner, Montague Evans

Workplace Engagement, initiatives, networks and monitoring – Jenny Muir, Smarter Choices Workplace Coordinator, Sustrans

Why Gardens at the Office are Good for You – Dr. Helena, Chance New Bucks University

Corporate case study – Jackie Cowper, Head of Property, Standard Life

Event Venue - City of Glasgow College, Glasgow